Storage, Brewing and Cleaning

We suggest these easy tips to help you brew a delicious cup of coffee. Both proper storage and brewing is required to yield an excellent cup.


  • To preserve freshness, use a zip-lock bag over the coffee bag, or place coffee in a airtight container.
  • Coffee may be stored in the freezer if storing for several weeks. Simply remove the desired amount of coffee from the freezer and brew. Not sure you want to freeze your coffee? Freeze half your coffee and store the other half at room temperature, then brew each after a week or two and taste the difference.


It is generally agreed that there are five steps to achieve the perfect cup:

  • 1. Buy freshly roasted high quality coffee. Simply use European Cafe ™.
  • 2. Good water. Use bottled, filtered or reverse osmosis water. Brewed coffee is 98% water,  water makes all the difference.
  • 3. Use a quality brewer. The coffee brewer must brew the water at 185° F to 205° F. If the water temperature is not hot enough, it will poorly extract the coffee.
  • 4. Select the proper grind for the brew method you are using. If your grind is too fine, it will make bitter and over-extracted coffee. If your grind is too course it will make weak and under-extracted coffee. A drip or auto drip brewer requires a medium or auto drip grind. For a french press or percolator, use a course grind. Espresso machines require a very fine or espresso grind.
  • 5. Use the correct amount of coffee. As a guide: use one tablespoon per cup and adjust to taste.
  • 6. Make sure your brewer is clean. Wipe the upper inside of the brewer where the water come out.  Wash the brew basket and decanter.  
  • 7. Brewers will need to be descaled every 6 months. Check with manufacture info first. Best way to descale is to use a mixture of 50% vinegar and water let sit in brewer heating for 20 minutes. Then using good water brew water through 4 times. Wash brew funnel and decanter completely.  Now your brewer is descaled from mineral and hard water deposits.