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You can find all the info you need here on proper storage of your coffee and the best brewing techniques to get the absolute best cup possible. Further down are some more frequently asked questions, but if you need anything else you can email us or give us a call at (888) 900-1419


  • To preserve freshness, keep the coffee bag in a resealable zipper storage bag, or place coffee in a airtight container.
  • Coffee may be stored in the freezer for several weeks. Simply remove the desired amount of coffee from the freezer and brew. Not sure you want to freeze your coffee? Freeze half your coffee, and store the other half at room temperature, then brew each after a week or two and taste the difference.


  1. Start with fresh roasted high quality coffee. We've got you covered on this step.
  2. Use good water. Brew with bottled, filtered, or reverse osmosis water. Brewed coffee is 98% water, so fresh tasting water makes all the difference.

  3. Use a quality brewer. The coffee brewer must brew the water at 185° F to 200° F.  If the water temperature is not hot enough, your coffee will be poorly extracted and weak.

  4. Select the proper grind. The method you use to make your coffee changes what kind of grind you need. If your grind is too fine, you will get bitter, over extracted coffee. If your grind is too course, you will have weak, under extracted coffee. A drip or auto drip brewer requires a medium or auto drip grind. For a french press or percolator, use a course grind. Espresso machines need a very fine or espresso grind.

  5. Use the correct amount of coffee. As a guide, use one tablespoon per cup and adjust to taste.


  1. Is your coffee really roasted fresh DAILY? Absolutely! Our roasters are constantly preparing the next batch of beans to be packaged and shipped out that day, so you get a fresh cup down to the bottom of each bag. Come visit us if you would like to see the whole process in person.
  2. Are you still a family business? Indeed we are. Our family has owned and operated the company since its humble beginnings in 1983. Two generations of the Brechisen's proudly run the company today. 
  3. How can I get some European Café coffee? You can find a near-by Sams Club location by clicking on the "Locations" tab at the top, or shop our online store under "Coffee".

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